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Many hands make light work. 

Together we can make a difference.

A waterfall begins with one drop. 

These are not clichéd phrases to me. The essence of what they represent, reverberates with passion deep within my soul. This essence define me and what I want to do.

For as long as I can remember I have been drawn to people. I am a people person and I truly love collaborating to reach common goals. Bringing people together, igniting passions and making a difference, gives my life purpose and meaning. It helps me make sense of a world that can at times, be incredibly harsh. 

This philosophy, social responsibility and work ethic, brings positivity, light and love into my life on a daily basis. Whether it be through teamwork or team sport, volunteering or helping out family and friends; embracing a collective consciousness and driving towards a shared outcome is incredibly rewarding.

It can be challenging to be diplomatic and patience, especially at times when you are tired and stressed. Yet the process of considering other opinions, seeing things from another viewpoint helps me grow and evolve, constantly shaping me into a better person. 

I am frequently inspired by others who I see uniting people, by businesses who build teamwork into their company ethos and by all whom actively support the needs of the wider community. 

We have the opportunity in our lifetime to make a difference. To be part of something greater than ourselves. We have the chance to #BeTheDrop - the opportunity to unite with shared goals for the greater good. And I could not be more excited.

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