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There are two things that remain constant in my adult life – an entrepreneurial spirit and my amazing circle of support. Not a day goes by that I’m not grateful that I have the opportunity to chase my dreams with extremely special people by my side. 

The dream I’m referring to is CalmlyKaotic, a fashion and lifestyle blog I launched with my best friend and wing woman, Taryn. The blog lets us share with the world all our favourite things – fashion, shopping, fun and, of course, coffee!

When I stumbled upon my desire to start a blog there was no other person that I wanted to share the journey with than my partner in crime, a beautiful, inspiring and fun loving woman, my best friend. 

It’s been an exciting first 12 months as we chase dreams and embrace the unknown challenges and joys that come with everyday life and running a blog. What I do know to be true is that regardless of the chaos, regardless of the challenges, the calm lays in our friendship. 

As we peer around the door to our 30s I can only stop and reflect on what an amazing decade I’ve had with Taz. While we’ve known each other since primary school, the life-shaping moments that we’ve shared over the past 10 years are the kind that will set the scene for our next 50. I’m blessed in so many ways, but I’m thankful everyday that the stars aligned in such a way that she walked into my life. 

My disc ‘Amazing friend’ encourages mindfulness. When I feel self-doubt kick in, or when I’m having an off day, I’ll remember that I’m extremely lucky to have an amazing friend that has my back, and be calm in the knowledge that I already have the most important things in life. Anything else is a bonus.  

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