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Like many working mums, I spread myself thin. I am torn in 100 different directions. Work life balance pfft…..is that even possible?? I have four amazing children. Jaida, Xavier, Zara and Conor. My husband Brad is wonderful and does soo much. I love my job, it’s fulfilling and is a massive part of who I am BUT….

I live in a regular state of guilt. It doesn’t seem to matter what I am doing, this familiar feeling weighs on my shoulders. I try to do so much that in the end I worry I don’t do anything properly. At work rushing to get everything done because I have to leave early to pick up the kids. Sitting on my laptop in the evening while Brad gets the lunch boxes packed and the clothes ready for the morning. 

I feel guilt when I exercise - shouldn’t I be doing the shopping or cleaning the house? I feel guilt when I’m out with my girlfriends - what about Brad home with our family? I should be spending more one on one time with my brilliant husband who is so patient and kind. I am guilty of overthinking it. 

So I stop. I remind myself, don’t be so hard on yourself, stop beating yourself up. Let go of the guilt and the weight it brings. We are all a work in progress. Trying to please many people can be tiring. Yet all that each of us can ever do, is our best; and that is perfectly ok. 

One day maybe I’ll completely let go of the guilt. Until then I’ll wear my special disc as reminder. To all those other beautiful hard working Mother’s out there – Be gentle on yourself, you are doing the best you can!

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