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I have always been a person who has a heart for people and the best way I can make a difference in this world is by helping others, when I can. I quickly learned that when it comes to issues like sickness, poverty, war, social injustice and inequality - one person can't change the world, but we can all do something. That’s why I love this saying - because it reminds me that if I do the little things with passion and love, then I can make a small difference in this world. The quote is a loose translation of something Mother Teresa said -a woman who changed so many lives for the better, one person at a time.

I'm so lucky to be in a position where I have been presented with the opportunity to contribute to the great work of the Childhood Cancer Association. When I began my role as a Newsreader, I was excited about the privilege of being able to use my position to positively contribute to my community, in some small way. And one of those ways that I am hoping to help others is by developing a mentoring program for young girls who have been touched by Cancer, though my role as an Ambassador for the Childhood Cancer Association. The aim of the program is to connect the girls with others who have gone through a similar experience and equip them with the confidence they need to move forward with their lives after treatment. I feel so passionate about this after a dear friend of mine went through cancer in her 20's.

I hope that my disc will remind people that every little bit counts! And that if we find small ways to help others and show kindness, and do what we can with passion, the world will be a better place. It might be something as simple as smiling at someone as you pass them in the street, or making sure you tell your family you love them every day. Actions done with love always make the biggest difference.

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