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I have been working for the past 17 years as an independent successful business women. From the outside, everything ‘appeared’ to be perfect - you could consider me as living under that ‘Perfect Woman Illusion’, but on the inside I felt like I was on a Merry Go Round and just existing.  I wasn’t doing what made “My Heart Sing“.  I needed to move to a new playground to continue to make a big difference in women’s lives.

 It wasn’t until I started to look inside myself that I knew something needed to change within my soul.... It was an INSIDE JOB . I knew it started with me before I could truly make a difference to others.

I had to rediscover myself and address the emotional blocks that were stopping me. Then realign my values so I could realise my potential and step back into my own personal power, so I could continue my mission to help women, not only in my community but throughout the world.

With vast experience mentoring and coaching women and as a guest speaker and motivator, my mission is to help women make a difference on the planet and ultimately create a ripple effect. Not only in their own families but in the community they live as well. 

Throughout my journey I have realised that the key is to ‘do what you LOVE and you will succeed’ which is what I am doing daily and helping others to achieve this in their lives.

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