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Perfection is a challenging and unrealistic expectation. It can be hard to live up to someone else’s ideals. I realised when I became a mum how important it is to make my children see that they are good enough as they are, and not feel they have to conform to anyone else’s expectations. This is especially true for my daughter who is living in a world full of glossy magazines with the stereotypical “perfect” model on the cover. I want my daughter to know just how amazing she is in her own skin and be confident in herself and her decisions.  I let her know that it’s ok to stand out from the crowd and keep faith in her own convictions - it’s what defines us. Being perfect is not what I want her to think she needs to be in the world.

Becoming a mother was the most significant milestone in my life, like it is for most mums. My children’s happiness is what drives me to be the best mum I can be. I’m not the perfect mum, as there is no such thing as the perfect mum. But I’m a mum who will always there in the good times and bad. As long as my children know I’m a “good” mum, that’s good enough for me.

Both my children need to show the world who they are as themselves. They have the world at their feet. My Candid disc ‘Don’t be perfect, be amazing’ is my message to my children. 

As they shine and grow into the best people they can be the world will see what their dad and I have always seen - two beautiful people ready to take on new experiences and tackle any challenges that come their way. I know they’ll be amazing!

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