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We’ve always been dreamers. Sometimes people might roll their eyes when they hear us say ‘anything is possible!’ But it is! We really do believe that no dream is too big. If you want something bad enough, go and bloody-well get it! Or at least try and you might be happily surprised at the amazing things that come to you.

This time last year Hayley was in a very different head space. I was eight months pregnant, anxious and panicking at the pressure of my brekky radio job. I had wanted to be a breakfast radio presenter since I landed my year 10 work experience at an Adelaide radio station. I worked my bum off and it paid off. My dream had come true and it was amazing.

But after more than four years in the gig I was ready to have a break. I felt like the world was on my shoulders.

It was eight months ago when my gorgeous friend Lauren and I sat at a café and began chatting about a completely different dream. We had been thinking about creating a website together.

Together we’re a pair of dreamers. No idea is too big. When we’re together our enthusiasm leads us to get excited over the tiniest of things, like pineapples and colourful pants. That’s why we are kindred spirits.

Our website, Adelady, is about sharing the best of Adelaide. We’ve worked so hard to make our dream come true and it’s ridiculous how proud we are of what ‘our baby’ has become.

We’ve been dreaming BIG since for a long time and will continue to do for the rest of our lives. All it takes is belief… and a lot of hard work!

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