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....she lassoes silver linings from the sky, and makes art with them.

Art is like a form of meditation for me. It is about being entirely present, in the now. The creative process helps me to feel calm and centred. Through my art I can develop a sense of purpose and help decipher things to make sense of them. Design is my form of responding to things that happen, in a creative way.

The greatest art form has taken shape through the connections I have forged. Through the power of storytelling, I have built a brand around connection and sending love. The more you share; the more freely that you give of yourself, the deeper you can connect with others. 

A year ago, life wasn’t on my terms. As I navigated a huge transition, it was important to me to speak openly of my challenges, to expose my vulnerability. Connections formed from shared vulnerability have provided reciprocal inspiration for my art.

I have come to believe that it is entirely possible to make a life doing what you love. To weave silver linings from the sky and thread them into your daily life. You have to work an unfathomable amount in order to live your dream. A lot of it is unglamorous, plain and simple hard work. But if you can make a living doing what you love... then why wouldn’t you? For me, it's the only way.

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