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My life is blessed. Not only do I have my husband Des, five great children (most of the time) who have bought three in-laws into the mix, but also seven special grandchildren (so far). We are a family. 

I vividly remember when we became three – 37 years ago. I embraced motherhood with open arms. It was time for making new friends, families with similar situations and sharing stories with long-time friends at the same stage of life – particularly about infant development and the ‘terrible twos’. When we were expecting our second child I remember worrying that I couldn’t love this child as much as the first. How wrong could I be? As soon as each of my babies were handed to me I was overcome with an overwhelming love and instinct to protect. That love is enduring. There were occasions when I didn’t like them very much, but there was always love. 

Nothing is better than having the family together. Now the grandchildren figure predominantly and watching them interact with each other is like turning back the clock. I listen to Jen speaking to her children and hear myself. I love watching my sons with their sons and how they are so hands on and involved with the total concept of parenting. A mother can’t help but be proud. I love watching the children respond to their Aunties and Uncles. There is a genuine love and affection clearly demonstrated. Not to mention healthy competition for said affection!

My Candid disc says it all – Family, where life begins and love never ends

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