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It’s funny how it takes becoming a mum to really appreciate just how many amazing qualities I learned from my mum. She taught me to be kind, loyal, compassionate and above all, how to be the best mum I can be to my three young children.

Through a child’s eyes your mother is everything and you know them only as ‘mum’. But then you grow up and you begin to see the woman behind the title. A woman that has unconditional love and support for her family throughout the tantrums and triumphs. She is always there to offer her shoulder to cry on. There isn’t a hug in the world that compares.  

My mum has always been a guiding influence for me. I am blessed to have a beautiful, inspiring, loving friend in my mum, and everyday I aim to be that person for my kids.  My children motivate me to be the best version of myself and to be someone they can be proud of. 

When I tuck my children in at night I get an overwhelming feeling of love and also disbelief that these tiny people call me their mum. I am honoured and proud to be a mum. It’s an absolute privilege. 

My Candid disc ‘First my mother, forever my friend’ encapsulates so much love. Love for my mother, for everything she has ever done for me. Love for my children, who are my entire universe. I hope my disc also brings love and light to others who wear it. Everyday has its challenges by these words remind me to always aim to be the best version of myself for these beautiful little people who shape my world.

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