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Bubbly, outgoing, crazy, adventurous, the only things that keep me sane, these are just some of the words I would use to describe the group of amazing people I call my friends. 

While we may not all be similar or even have many same interests these are the girls that will always bring a smile to my face and keep me laughing. Whether we’re friends through sport, school, work or been on this crazy ride called life together since birth, they always have my back and we would do anything for each other. If I need someone to go shopping with or just a day at these beach they are the people I call first and who are the first to reply with an over-enthusiastic YES!  

These are the people that will be the first ones in line to tell me to calm down when I’m being over-the-top and who will pull me up when I’m at my lowest point. They quietly remind me of my flaws, only to encourage me to better myself and will always shine brightest on my triumphs; sometimes I think they get more excited for me than I do! 

When we’re not all so crazy busy with school and work we will try and catch-up for a bit of fun. We prefer an endless summer, having picnics on the beach, even in the middle of winter. My friends are the reason my days are full of laughter and smiles - I love them all because of it.

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