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When was the last time you told your sibling that you love them? I still remember the exact day I said those words to my brother, Ryan. Four years ago now. Just before he passed away. He was only 34.

My beautiful, fabulous and flamboyant brother Ryan is my inspiration behind my disc ‘I love you’. It’s a reminder from me to you, to tell your siblings just how much you love them and how special they are.

As I posed for this photo I was covered head-to-toe in goosebumps. You see, my brother was always the center of attention and if someone whipped out a camera, he’d be there posing before the rest of us even worked out what was going on! Green was his colour. When we were little he used to make me call him Ryanne of Green Gables. During this gorgeous spring day on our photoshoot, the green balloon came to life and I truly believe Ryan was there with me, posing for photos like he always did. I know it sounds absurd, but he was there, being the center of attention.

The last time I told Ryan I loved him was two days before my first baby, Austin, was born. It was over the phone. I told him he needed to get sober so he could come to the hospital and meet his nephew. When I ended the conversation he was crying on the other end. Maybe because he knew he wasn’t strong enough to get sober? Maybe he knew he’d never meet my son? I’ll never know.

We never know when will be the last time we will say ‘I love you’ to someone. So say it often.

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