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When I kiss my baby boy to sleep, I sometimes whisper the words ‘I love you to the moon and back’. But I don’t love him to the moon and back. The moon isn’t far enough away. My love for him doesn’t stop at any distance in the universe. Love is endless. Infinite. Immeasurable.  

Still, as parents we need a way of describing to our children how much we love them. Children can’t comprehend things in terms of infinite, they need something they can see in order to understand. So, for now, until he grows up and understands that love is limitless ‘I love you to the moon and back’ is what I’ll continue to say, once, twice, 50 times a day. 

A mother’s love is powerful. It can change the universe. Nothing can stop a mother’s love. It is unbreakable. How lucky am I to feel it?

My disc embodies the true and everlasting love I feel for my son. It is an amazing feeling that I can wear this on a tough day at work when nothing is going to plan and feel a wave of love rock through my core when I touch it with my fingers, or catch it shining in my reflection. When I can’t be with him I feel comforted by my disc. It gives me a sense of closeness. Seeing those words is like seeing a photos of us – it’s ours. Our thing.

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