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The fear of losing my little girl still haunts me. It was a fear I lived with while my youngest daughter, Becky, underwent treatment for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia. This cancer had landed on our family’s doorstep and found its way in to my little five-year-old daughter's blood stream.

The shock was unbearable. All I could think was why her? My husband, my mum and my sister – all we could think was why us? Why this family? At that moment we had no idea what the future held for us.

The feeling of helplessness was so heavy and exhausting. Months in hospital can affect a parent - watching your child cry with constant pain is sickening. In that moment we were very blessed to have a large group of loving and caring family and friends, ready to step up and offer support. Also at that time, while my husband and I were stiff with shock and confusion, the Childhood Cancer Association team stepped to Becky's hospital room and introduced themselves. It was a big weight off our shoulders to talk with someone who understood all the fears and questions I had whizzing around my head.

For our Family, it was the hardest moments of our lives all condensed together: Watching our Daughter go through rounds of chemotherapy, be placed into a coma, and have doctors make life and death decisions for our gorgeous Becky.

Through the most devastating moments shines so much love and kindness, I will never be able to express my gratitude for my family, friends and the Childhood Cancer Association during that time.

I am beyond thrilled to tell you that Becky is now 12 months in remission. She has recovered extremely well and is receiving ongoing treatment for a brain injury she received during her time in intensive care.

Our disc ‘I will always love you’ is a constant reminder for me to be grateful each and every day for all that I am blessed with. It’s a symbol of how the Childhood Cancer Association was there to hold us together during the toughest of times. My girls and I will wear our discs with pride and hope to spread faith and love to all those going through their own tough moments.

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