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…she holds her wish close, then lets it go. For if this dream is meant for her, she knows the universe will conspire it so.

Sometimes in life, you must give yourself over to the unknown.

One year ago I found myself on a very different life trajectory, and where I’ve ended up today is literally a world away from what I had ever imagined. 

I found myself on a one-way plane trip back to Australia after two years living and loving in London, and it was a definite break point. It was a surreal experience to have every construct of accountability, routine, and life structure fall by the wayside very abruptly. I had resisted and pushed and fought tooth and nail for a dream that was not meant to me, and I had to let this go. A brand new beginning with endless scope and freedom was awaiting - I just needed to accept and embrace.

It’s Written in the Stars is a personal message, because it’s a reminder that sometimes we are not completely in control of our lives - and there’s magic in that. All we can do is make a conscious decision to throw ourselves full tilt towards our dreams, and trust that what is mean for us will come our way.

Approach every day with a handful of wanderlust, an uncontainable, insatiable curiosity for the world, and openness for the things that we cannot even imagine are just around the corner.

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