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It was July 1969 and man had just landed on the moon. Peter Hoskin was in the mine infested Long Hai Mountains of Vietnam on operation Mundingburra with 3rd Platoon, A Coy, 6 RAR. It was during this operation that Lieutenant Peter Hines stepped on an M-16 mine. All hell broke loose but Lieutenant Hines bravely managed to keep the injured calm and maintain command, “Call in the gravac, call in the assault pioneers, stay still…..” then he was quiet. He had passed away.

This incident was a defining moment in 21 year old Peter Hoskin’s life. 3 Platoon was decimated and the handful of men left were returned home to recover from their injuries. Peter went to the Repatriation hospital where he met a young nurse Helen who would become his wife. Together they built a life and had two children Christopher and Nicole. “It does change a person after being through something like this” Peter says, “when you are young, you disregard it, but as you get older it boils over and now there is a name for it, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). With medication it is treatable and with a good wife and two beautiful kids, life is good.” 

One positive that has come from the terrible tragedy of war is the brotherhood that has developed amongst Peter and his mates. On Anzac day, they come together to support each other and remember those who didn’t come home. 


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