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Watching the sunrise off a remote beach west of Ceduna is a moment I will always remember. I sat, alone on the beach, soaking it all in. The night before I had watched the sun go down and gazed up at thousands of glittering stars in the pitch black of night from my swag. This I will remember for eternity. 

I was at the start of a solo road trip from South Australia to Perth and so far I was relishing every second. Once upon a time I would have never contemplated this. Driving 1948km across states on my own seemed terrifying. But that changed when I got a job in the tourism industry and saw people living their lives to the max without worry. Hearing stories of amazing adventures slowly chipped away at my fear. Suddenly, I found myself yearning for what these people had. I wanted to see parts of Australia I’d only ever seen in movies. I wanted to hit the road and not waste another second on concern or worry. 

Now, as I’m in the middle of my trip, I’m exhilarated. Travelling makes me feel free. I’ve seen so many amazing things and met some amazing individuals. Travelling opened my eyes to the world around me and broke me out of my every day bubble. It’s enlightening. I’ve learned so many things about myself. I’ve learned how independent I am and how I am able to do something I once thought impossible.

My live.travel.adventure disc reminds me of how strong, brave and, of course, adventurous I can be. I want to live life to the fullest and travel allows me to. I hope this disc motivates others to be fearless, because you never know what unforgettable moments you will stumble upon.

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