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We’ve all had at least one dark moment!    That moment... when our mind becomes a prisoner, when we are overwhelmed, our heart might cry, but often we have no time for tears.  It could be the result of a sick child; a terminal illness; the loss of a job; the death of a spouse, parent, or friend; separation or divorce; or as simple as, a significant change in our lives.

It’s how we cope with those ‘dark’ moments, which makes a difference.  When things get too much, I go outside, sit and reflect, maybe have a drink and feel comfort that we are just small specks, in the galaxy.  It puts things into perspective and creates space for opportunity to flourish.

I’ve had a great many losses in my life, to the point where I thought I’ve been cursed!  But, each of these losses, has been a huge reality check for me.   I fully realise the vulnerability of life.  We are the youngest we are going to be, right NOW, and need to own each moment!  Living on purpose, seizing each opportunity and having no regrets!

For me, there is no greater reward than helping others and creating awareness for a charity or cause.  It puts life and experiences into perspective.   If you have ever been in a dark place, hopefully there will come a time, when you might be able to recognise and be grateful for, the good things in your own life. 

Sometimes I think I have lived many lives, the chapters in it are all so different, and I look back and wonder how I could have changed so much.  But, that is what life and resilience is... a reinvention at every turn or obstacle!

For me ‘Only in darkness, can you see stars’ truly reflects that hope and resilience.


Photography by Kim Power Photography

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