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I am often described as "driven".  A driven person is passionate and allocates a huge mind share to their cause. They are hard-working, competitive and aim high. Powering on until they achieve their ambition.  

Throughout my life, what I am passionate about has shifted. But passion is always my driver. When I reflect on my past phases I see I have always been completely committed to each phase.  I do not do things by half!

Some of my passions have been:

  1. First study, I loved learning, I was passionate about understanding things around me.
  2. At University, I worked tirelessly with others at the Netball club, turning it from in debt to profit and from one to five teams in the state competition.
  3. Raising gifted young children. I read every book, went to every talk. I put my heart and soul and all my time into them.
  4. Building a revegetation and biodiversity program for our local Kindergarten. I continued to visit the Kindy and run a Nature Walk day, for 5 years after my children finished.
  5. Starting a fitness program for parents at my children's primary school.

My current passion is growing a global software business. Zuus Workforce balances staff and business needs to optimize customer service.

This passion has seen me travel to the United States six times in 2015. We are just at the beginning of our North American expansion, with our US head office in Denver and our Australian head office in Adelaide. We have customers across the globe in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and the United States. I love what I do, who I do it with and how I do it!

It is possible to devote yourself to more than one passion. I am currently equally passionate about raising my teenage children, who are growing into amazing, independent young adults. 

Throughout all of my passions there has been one common thread. The passions that driven me are always about making things and the lives of others better - for myself, my family, friends, community and the environment.

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