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…they run far away to wander lost alleyways of strange and wonderful cities.

For me, to run away is not to ‘escape from’ in the traditional sense - it’s about ‘escaping to’. The sun chasing, adventure seeking, freedom chasing type!

Running away to explore the world carves depth in you. Your eyes widen, your heart expands. You’ll be cracked open with the sheer whelm of adventure flooded through. Your whole being shapeshifts and the capacity to feel, live and love deepens profoundly.

Running away taught me one thing more than anything else - the realisation that I will never again belong to a place. And the peace that I don’t have to. Ever. After travel, I feel perpetually torn between two, or three, or ten co-existing realities, where only one parallel life can exist. But no matter the place or scenario we find ourselves in, there is one non-negotiable and permanent means of belonging. We belong with ourselves. For that reason, ‘run away with me’ is about me running away with myself as much as it may be a playful invitation for someone to join along.

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