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Most people don’t like the idea of saying goodbye. Goodbye signals the end, so often it fills people with sadness. But for me, saying goodbye is no big deal. I’ll be honest, sometimes I even enjoy it!

Okay, before you start thinking I’m some sort of goodbye-loving freak, I should explain. I work on a passenger ship and spend one month at work and then one month at home. For the past 16 years I’ve done this, month on, month off. That’s a lot of goodbyes!

Leaving my family for a month isn’t ideal. When I go to work, I work. Then, after the month is up, I go home and can actually enjoy myself! I get to relax and spend time with my family. When I’m home I’m not worrying about the little things like the morning commute or whether I’ll have time to race to the shops after work before they close. I can live in the moment and it’s fantastic!

It was by complete fluke I fell into a job that I now enjoy so much. I knew a friend who worked in the company and heard about a job opening. I always liked travelling so thought ‘I could do that!’ I don’t get to travel far and wide, but I do get to be out on the water and meet amazing new people.

This is the reason my Candid disc says the words ‘see you soon’. Goodbyes are my life! As tough as they can sometimes be, saying goodbyes are always followed with saying hellos. Hello to old friends and new friends. Then, not long after that there will be more goodbyes and saying hello with a warm hug from my family.

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