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What are the two words I say to myself to inspire and encourage? Shine bright. Two simple words which when put together make me feel like I can conquer the world!

I am generally not one for reciting mantras, but as a writer I love the power of words. And ‘shine bright’ is a powerful quote. It reminds me to have confidence, courage and be brilliant in whatever it is I’m doing. 

These are characteristics I can spot in other people. I find myself drawn to these people, who go about their everyday lives with such vitality. People who, like a celebrity, walk into a room and make heads turn. Not because they are a household name, but because they are so content with their place in life and don’t care who knows it. 

‘Shine bright’ dates back to when I was a child. I wasn’t the most outgoing and confident kid but my mum would tell me to be proud, smile and light up the room. It worked. I changed my mindset and realised that I’m no different to any other kid in my class. Why was I wasting my time on feeling insecure when I could be enjoying myself!

Sometimes in life you stumble across people who don’t want to see others happy. Perhaps they aren’t content with their place in the world, but for whatever reason try to bring you down as a way of lifting them up. My shine is too bright for them! And this is the very occasion where another of my favourite quotes comes to play – don’t let others dull your sparkle. My shine is mine and no one can control it but me. 

I believe in lifting people up. Motivating, encouraging and praising. Congratulating people when they reach their goals. They deserve it! And so do I.   

My wish is for others to wear the ‘Shine bright’ disc with confidence, happiness and gratitude and most of all, that you shine.

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