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... she wears her heart on her sleeve and wanders wild and free.

To me, a wild heart means to live heart first - unabashedly. It means to adventure far, wander free and live on purpose.

A wild heart is a soul cracked open, and a spirit ready for adventure to flood through. Wild hearts live with abandon. Wild hearts live with intention, grace and heart - thinking from a place of possibility, unbound by limit.

To have a wild heart means to show up. No matter what. To show up, and get amongst it, not knowing what may result, or what may be on the horizon. Mary Oliver once said, “tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life” and I really consider that at most moments.

I want to live my life wildly and treat it as exceptionally precious. I don’t want routine or rules or mediocrity – I want every day to be full of adventure and abandon. That’s what it means to be a wild heart.

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