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We are incredibly proud of our commitment to support worthy causes and help make a difference in people’s lives. Our featured charity is CanTeen - supporting young people living with cancer.

To build a genuine and meaningful relationship between CanTeen and Candid NZ, we have worked together to create unique jewellery pieces that represent milestone moments in the lives of people within the CanTeen community. And through sharing their stories, we can help spread the message and gain support within our #CandidCommunity.

$5 from the sale of these CanTeen pieces is donated to CanTeen, and $1 from the sale of all other Candid jewelley discs is also donated.

Candid also actively works with CanTeen to help raise awareness and increase the public profile of the valuable service that they provide.

Press Release - March 2017

CanTeen and Candid create beautiful jewellery to raise money for young New Zealanders living with cancer.

Months of collaboration between CanTeen and Candid has resulted in the creation of unique and inspirational pieces of jewellery that share the stories of CanTeener’s – young people living with cancer.  With proceeds of the jewellery going directly to CanTeen, the only charity supporting young people aged 13-24 living with cancer in New Zealand. 

Candid Jewellery is a brand with a difference, providing beautifully crafted pieces that symbolise the variety of moments in life that make for rich experiences. The moments that shape us into who we are – the good and bad, happy and sad, plus everything in between. “Which is what makes this partnership such a special one as quotes from CanTeeners themselves have been engraved with care, onto pieces of jewellery which represent their own personal stories.” said Chloé Lomas, Candid New Zealand marketing lead. 

CanTeen’s Acting CEO Claudine Young is very excited to share the news of the partnership; “It’s a great partnership for CanTeen and the young people we support, as not only does it tell the stories of CanTeeners but it provides vital funds needed to ensure we can continue our work to ensure no young people with cancer feel alone in their journey. Whether it’s their own cancer diagnosis or that of someone in their immediate family - such as a parent or sibling.” 

One such story is that from CanTeener Scarlett, with her piece “You Made Me Stronger” that represents her experience she went through when her father got very ill and passed away from cancer. Another inspiring story from CanTeener Olivia, with her piece “Believe” that represents her incredible experience as she faced a brain tumour at 22 years of age. Olivia shares her journey and how she kept believing no matter what she was facing in her experience.  

Candid is passionate about supporting worthy causes through storytelling and is committed to supporting CanTeen New Zealand. Candid products are fine jewellery items crafted in solid sterling silver and often complemented with stones enameling or gold plating. Product made to last.

To find out how you can support CanTeen and own your piece of Candid jewellery view the collection here candidjewellery.co.nz/collections/canteen.